Wedding Dress Preservation


Your gown is a keepsake that should last for a lifetime. We take care of all the work. We send your gown to a custom cleaner that does Wedding Gowns. Your gown is always handled with the utmost care!


Remember, you don’t have to have bought your gown from us to utilize our preservation services. But as a New York Bride customer, you’ll receive a $25 coupon for preserving your gown.

Wedding Dress Preservation: Keep the Memories Beautiful

It is possible to keep your wedding dress in pristine condition until death do you part. If you have never heard of the preservation process before, you’ll be surprised to know it is a concept that many modern brides embrace and invest in.


Preservation specialists use a variety of techniques to clean your gown, the first step in the preservation process. One technique they use is called wet cleaning. They delicately scrub your gown by hand to remove stains and smells (let’s be honest here, everyone perspires on the big day). Sometimes they use a dry cleaning method, pre-treating the stains and then placing the gown in a dry cleaning machine. Both methods leave the dress sparkling and as good as new.


You can next decide if you want to wrap it up and stow it away, or put your gown in a clear framed box display. It all depends on the amount of space you have in your home. When wrapping it up, preservationists use special tissue paper that will not stain the gown or cause wrinkling. It’s then placed in a box with a see through panel for your viewing pleasure. The box should be an acid-free paperboard box which is sturdy enough to support your fabulous frock.

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