If you don’t book formal appointments will there be staff available to help me?2018-12-27T00:37:08-04:00

Of course. We have a highly skilled staff of devoted individuals who are standing by to assist with bustles, zippers, corsets and lacing. Our dedicated staff will be honest regarding the selection, style, color and fit. New York Bride & Groom of Columbia proudly offers more than XX dressing suites to accommodate your needs and has ample staff available every hour we are open.

I have been told that photos are not allowed by other bridal stores. Am I allowed to take pictures here?2015-05-04T00:40:52-04:00

We have no issues at all with you taking photos. We have nothing to hide. A full list of details including the price, designer name, size, color and modifications available from the designer are attached to each dress.

Is there a cost for trying on dresses?2015-05-04T00:41:45-04:00

No. We are so thrilled to have you shopping at our bridal salon that we cannot imagine charging you to be here. We find it graceless that some stores actually do this.

Can you please describe the process for dress alterations?2017-07-25T02:51:25-04:00
This is the lone service that we offer by appointment only. If you need to have your gown ready earlier than normal, say to accommodate your bridal portraits, we recommend having your alterations scheduled three months prior to your portrait date. We schedule alteration appointments 3 months prior to the wedding date. This timeline helps to ensure that you will achieve your balanced weight if you have been dieting.


Should I bring anything specific to my alteration appointment?2015-05-04T00:45:32-04:00

It is vital when you come to your fitting appointment that you bring with you everything you will be wearing on your wedding day. Most importantly, please have the shoes you will be wearing with you. Your hemline will be pinned according to the heel you are wearing at the time of alterations. Additionally, please wear or bring the foundation garments you plan on wearing beneath your dress so we can ensure that all is adequately sized and hidden from view as the dress is fitted to your body.

Do I need to bring my dress home until the alteration appointment?2015-05-04T00:47:33-04:00

Not at all. We are happy to store your dress in our immaculate warehouse until you are ready for it.

Will you press my wedding gown?2015-05-04T00:48:43-04:00

It would be our pleasure. We are happy to press your gown for your portrait and for your big day, at no additional cost.

Can you recommend somewhere to have my dress professionally cleaned and preserved?2016-11-07T21:20:50-04:00

We are able to coordinate that for you. We have been working for years with a company that we love. They offer our clients a $25 discount to go through us for this service. It is best to bring in your dress as soon as possible after the wedding.

Is it okay to come wedding dress shopping by myself?2015-05-04T00:52:31-04:00

Absolutely. We understand that many brides know exactly what they want before they arrive or have no clue and do not wish to have multiple people or opinions hoisted up them. Whatever works best for you works perfectly well for us.