What To Avoid In Your Search For The Perfect Wedding Gown

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What To Avoid In Your Search For The Perfect Wedding Gown

For a significant event like your wedding, the last thing you want is to be disappointed with your dress. Buyer’s remorse is a sure way to ruin your big day, so you don’t want to take any chances. Although some of the issues with dresses are not major, others can really get you down. Applying some great advice from the experts will help you avoid many of the common wedding dress pitfalls. That’s what this informative blog post is all about, so continue reading for wisdom from some of the finest wedding gurus.

New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

One of the ways you can end up with a dress that is less than perfect for you is getting the timing of your search wrong:

You may be excited about your engagement, but avoid shopping too soon. Seeing too many gowns too far in advance will cloud your judgement as newer gowns are released in the months leading up to your wedding. Bridal gowns are released seasonally, in October and in April, and are shown to buyers a year before they are available in-stores for brides to shop. While it’s always easy to dip into past seasons when shopping for wedding gowns, it’s also key to be patient when you are planning on a long engagement to avoid indecision.

While a year in advance is too early, starting to shop 10 months prior to your wedding date, with the goal of deciding on your gown 8 months in advance, is the shopping sweet spot. Read more at Bazaar Bride…

Give yourself adequate time to make changes or alterations to your dress if they’re needed. At the very least, you want to have it picked out six months before your wedding. This way, you won’t struggle with a last-minute rush to get everything done the way you want it.

New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

Learning from others’ mistakes is super smart. Here are some of the common missteps made by brides as they search for their dream wedding gown.

Setting Your Heart On The Wrong Dress

It’s so easily done with the boundless beautiful images available in magazines, on blogs and on Pinterest. When all you see are gowns modelled on one very particular body type, it’s no wonder so many brides fall in love with how the dress looks in the picture, as opposed to how it will look on their body. It’s also true that wedding dress shopping is such a rare and unique experience that brides have no frame of reference for what may or may not suit them. While it’s great to have an idea of what you like, bear in mind your own shape, your personal hang ups and insecurities and the features of which you’re proudest, and try not to get too attached to anything before you try it on. This advice extends to your boutique appointment. By all means, rule out the dresses you definitely don’t like, but try to stay open minded. Trust the expertise of the sales assistants and try things you might not have expected to love. You never know, you might just surprise yourself! Read more at Wedding Ideas…

An open mind and heart will help you get what you need more quickly. You will also avoid the frustration of being too specific and not finding exactly what you want.

New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

At the end of the day, your dress must be right for your body shape. This is one critical point you cannot afford to overlook. Choose a dress for you, not the model in the magazine.

As a bride with an hourglass figure, although you can’t go wrong with anything, you want a wedding gown that accentuate your best assets to the maximum. Therefore, you may want to avoid empire waists because they won’t showcase your slim waist- one of your biggest assets.

If you are a petite bride, you should also focus on how to look taller- a simple gown flatters a tiny figure. Subtle shoulder detail, like delicate cap sleeves –or opting for strapless-keeps the focus up and adds height. Additionally, you may want to consider a more elongating style such as a bridal dress with asymmetrical or vertical elements.

If you are short, you should also avoid exaggerated details. The point is to elongate the body, so proportion is very important here, as well- embellishments should flatter, not overwhelm you. Read more at Petite Dressing…

With sufficient time, an open mind and an awareness of your body type, you’ll be well on your way to securing the perfect dress for your big day.

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