It’s common knowledge that the average bride will spend hours trying on wedding dresses and reading bridal magazines. Luckily, shopping for the perfect wedding tuxedo doesn’t require as many manhours (sorry, we couldn’t resist). However, that doesn’t mean that you should hand over your credit card after trying on the first tuxedo you see. If you’re wondering why it’s important to shop around, continue to discover the importance of finding a smart tuxedo that fits you well, as well as a few tips on finding the perfect tuxedo.

Why it’s crucial to choose a tuxedo which fits you well:

1. Simply put, an ill fitting suit looks sloppy

Ideally a suit should be perfectly tailored to fit your unique measurements. As an example, never settle for a suit that fits you in the torso but is too short in the arms or legs. After all, your bride won’t be thrilled if you look like a child in a school uniform which he has outgrown. Or if your socks show when you’re standing, waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Lastly, when shopping around for tuxedo also make sure that the tuxedos you try on fit you well across the shoulders.

2. On your wedding day, you’re the center of attention

Come your wedding day, all eyes will be on you and your bride. That means that everyone from your colleagues, boss, childhood friends and that distant cousin you haven’t seen since you were 10 years old will be watching you. With so many eyes on you, you don’t want to look sloppy do you? Especially since there will be photograph proof of your sartorial mistake.

How to choose a tuxedo which fits you like a glove:

1. Try on a variety of suits

Ideally you should start trying on tuxedos a few months before you’re set to walk down the aisle as many grooms end up wearing ill fitting suits as they leave it till the week before their wedding to purchase or rent a tuxedo. When you do start trying on tuxedos insure that you try on a variety of different brands and cuts, to find a brand which suits your proportions. As an example, some brands cater to men looking for slim fit tuxedos while others cater to clientele looking for more relaxed fit tuxedos.

2. Ask for a second opinion

While you may think that you’re capable of choosing a tuxedo on your own, a second opinion is always worth requesting. When it’s time to start trying on suits, take someone you trust such as your best man, your father or your brother along with you. Alternatively, take advantage of your sales assistant’s wealth of knowledge, as they’ll instantly be able to tell which suits will fit and suit your best. Which can save a lot of time.

So take our advice and remember to start trying on tuxedos well before your wedding date approaches and to take your time finding a tuxedo which fits you like a glove and is sure to impress your beautiful bride.