NYB&G Of Columbia Has Wedding Suit Options For All Grooms

NYB&G Of Columbia Has Wedding Suit Options For All Grooms

Michael Kors, Sterling Wedding Suit, Style 472: This stylish Black Wedding Suit is an excellent option for your upcoming semi-formal event. Enjoy Venetian Super 130’s wool fabric and slim-fit silhouette. Complete with a self-framed notch lapel, pair with adjustable slim-fit pants complete with buttons to accommodate suspender options. NYB&G has the accessories you need to complete all of your wedding day looks.

It’s perfectly fine if your groom is not convinced that wearing a tuxedo matches his personality, comfort and style. New York Bride & Groom of Columbia has wedding suit options — styles, fabrics and silhouettes — to enhance even the edgiest of vibes. From traditional to anything but, we can help him find his ultimate wedding attire. Being happy on your special day is a must. Don’t let wardrobe issues dampen one of the most meaningful events of your lifetime. NYB&G has the best tuxedo and suit selection to ensure every groom feels just as confidant and sexy as his bride. Discover more below:

The black tuxedo, invented in the late 1800s, was once the only option for grooms and groomsmen. But in recent years, bolder colors, creative styles and fashionable suits have replaced the staid look.

“Today’s groom is wearing a different kind of suit,” he said, “and putting more effort, individuality and personality into nontraditional looks coming from their ties, jacket linings and winks in the collars.” Learn more about Groom fashion trends, compliments of the NY Times

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Allure Men, Ultra Slim Heather Grey Clayton Suit, Style 262: This sleek, ultra slim silhouette is tailored to fit every body type, including big and tall. The Clayton provides an elegant shade of charcoal, ideal for many skin types. Made from Super 130’s wool, you will notice this is the most comfortable feel and fit. Stop in without an appointment to try it on and see for yourself! NYB&G has all of the accessories you need to complete your wedding suit or tuxedo ensemble.

Groom Comfort & Style: Key Factors @ NYB&G Columbia

When you imagine the atmosphere, the activities and all that dancing, it’s no wonder that some grooms feel a bit stifled with the traditional attire choices. We’re seeing more and more couples strive to keep their wedding day as unique as they are. If you are concerned that your are not going to be comfortable or relaxed in formal wear from head-to-toe, we’d love to show you some excellent wedding suit options. Consider skipping the jacket for the reception or opting for a bold dress shirt with a vest instead. Pinpoint which features are making you sweat already and let our experienced Consultants alleviate your concerns in our dedicated Tuxedo Department. Don’t let a constricting cummerbund or tie get the best of you on your wedding day. Check out more great style options below:

There’s no denying that a black tux is a dapper look, but we always love a fresh shake-up in a groom’s wardrobe. While the black tux is a classic, donning an alternative groom-look on the wedding day is a bold move—one that we appreciate.

If you’re looking to add a little personal style to your groom’s wedding day attire, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the most stylish grooms for a bit of inspiration for your soon-to-be hubby. If he wants something a little different, but still wants to play it safe, consider a suit in neutral, beige, or brown tones, mixed separates in blue hues, or a tux in shades of gray. Want to add a subtle punch? Step up the game by opting for an ensemble that plays with textures or prints—or both! Read more great Groom style tips, compliments of Brides

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Ike Behar, Ultra Slim Grey Plaid Hamilton Suit, Style 231: Soft, sensuous Super 100’s wool makes this tailored wedding suit a top contender. Plaid provides eye-catching detail throughout. This slim fit cut is ideal for all body types, including big and tall sizes. Customize your finishing touches with black or matching ultra slim fit trousers. Create your 3-piece look to perfection with a matching wool fullback vest. We are excited to show you all of the possibilities to help you showcase your ultimate wedding style.

Online Groomsmen Orders Simplify

We’ve streamlined the process of ordering your wedding tuxedo or wedding suit with our online order form. Bring us your out-of-town groomsmen questions and let our talented and passionate team of Bridal Consultants help put your mind at ease. We know there are a ton of tiny details to remember and we can ensure your order is on track. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our separate Tuxedo Department is an excellent way to shop with complete bridal discretion if you so choose. New York Bride & Groom Columbia has everything you need under one roof! If some of your Groomsmen are unsure of their wedding duties, we have a great summary below:

Be on Wedding Ceremony Duty

Time for the main event, for which you should be ready to jump in and help wherever’s needed. Either the night before the wedding or the day of, help the best man and the rest of the wedding party decorate the couple’s honeymoon getaway car in style (if they’re having one). Other than remembering to set your alarm, wake up on time and bring your tux to the venue, you should also be on call in the hours leading up to the ceremony—just in case the groom or best man needs anything (whether it’s a sandwich, stain remover stick or the boutonniere he left in the hotel). Get to the ceremony site 30 to 45 minutes early. You might be asked to usher guests to their seats before the ceremony, so ask the couple if there are any special seating requirements. If the couple’s having a traditional procession, you’ll walk down the aisle with one of the bridesmaids, or maybe another female member of the family.

Crush the Reception

First the slightly less fun stuff—in general, be prepared to serve as kind of an information center and point person for any guests with questions (think: Do you know where the restroom is? Can you help me find my way to the cocktail hour balcony?). At the reception, you’ll likely be introduced together with the bridesmaid you escorted down the aisle. You may also be asked to dance with the groom’s grandmother, the bridesmaids, a lonely flower girl or other single guests throughout the night. Just keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to be helpful—otherwise, the night (and the bar) is yours to enjoy. Read more groomsmen expectations at The Knot

Groom’s Will Love The Selection at NYB&G Columbia

Don’t select the most important outfit of your life from an image in a magazine or on the internet. Stop by our salon when it’s convenient for you and feel the fabrics, inspect the colors and try on the range of tuxedo styles we stock. Then, you can place your order with complete confidence. That’s the New York Bride & Groom difference!