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You’ve found your dream life partner, planned the ideal wedding and selected your perfect wedding gown. Now it’s time to find some amazing accessories to polish your look. After all, it’s the little magical details that make your bridal ensemble unforgettable from head to toe. New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

is your one­ stop bridal shop, which means we offer a wide selection of gorgeous accessories to ensure that you make a stunning statement on your special day.Our expansive collection includes veils and wedding jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings, tiaras, bracelets, hair clips, brooches) as well as belts, sashes, jackets, cape lets and more. Your wedding look can be finished to perfection with these additions. What’s more, our expert bridal consultants are always available to help you find a special piece or assist with coordinating your outfit from top to bottom. Our two guiding principles ­­ inspired designs at popular pricing, and no appointment necessary ­­ mean you can count on us to provide the ultimate bridal shopping experience at your convenience. Visit New York Bride & Groom of Columbia and discover why we are the premier wedding salon in the Midlands and beyond.

Take a closer look at our immense selection of gorgeous Wedding Accessories

Custom Veils by New York Bride


Custom veil service is always an option at New York Bride & Groom of Columbia. While we carry a stunning array of styles and selections, we are happy to help in the event that you require a one-of-a-kind creation. Ask us for more details if you decide to explore this route.

Bel Aire Bridal


Bel Aire is one of the most recognized and celebrated accessory labels in the bridal industry due to the quality of their bridal headpieces and veils. Exquisite detailing and effortless sophistication are the hall marks of this collection.

Bel Aire Bridal Website

Laura Jayne

Laura-Jayne-bridal-veils-IN-COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA

Laura Jayne offers a plethora of delicate bridal accessories to enhance your style sense. There are a multitude of decadent pieces to suit every bride and wedding party member!

Laura Jayne Website



Unique sophistication is the hallmark of this bridal designer. Allowing every bride to showcase her diverse personality with each delightful creation is the goal. Embrace you personality with one of these timeless beauties.

Malis-Henderson Website


marionat-COLUMBIA veils for wedding dresses

Harmonize your wedding look from head to toe by adding those finishing touches. Marionat delivers a complete line including sensational headpieces, encrusted belts, veils and jewellery. Explore the entire line and discover what speaks to you!

Marionat Bridal Veil Company Website

Veil Details to Consider

These traditional headpieces are available in a variety of styles, lengths and options. Once you decided on your magical wedding gown, it is much easier to choose a veil to compliment your look. Choose a style that enhances your overall look and try on the veils with your wedding dress to capture a realistic vision.

This informative article over at details nine different veil styles; outlining which dress length they best compliment. Here are the first three entries:

Blusher Veil

Blusher veils are very short in length and made with only one layer of material. This style of veil is used to cover the face prior to the ceremony, and falls just below the chin. It can be worn with virtually any style of dress.

Chapel Veil

The chapel style is considered a formal type of veil and is made from two layers of material. The first layer extends 2 1/2 yards from the headpiece and is used to cover the face during the ceremony. The second layer extends to the floor and is worn behind the head at all times. The chapel veil is appropriate to wear with a formal gown that is floor-length.

Cathedral Veil

Similar to the chapel veil, the cathedral veil is made up of two layers of material in two different lengths. The first layer is used to cover the face, and falls 3 1/2 yards from the head piece. The second layer of the cathedral veil extends to the floor. The cathedral veil is most appropriate if your gown is very formal and has a long train.

If you are considering wearing a veil at your wedding, be sure read the full article. Then, drop by New York Bride & Groom (remember, you never need an appointment)where you can always find the perfect veil to complete your wedding look, or we’ll have it custom made for you.

If you are definitely wearing a veil on your big day, we recommend reading the entire article prior to shopping. Next, pop into New York Bride & Groom of Columbia to discover your ideal veil. No appointment is ever necessary for your entire wedding party! If you are not finding the veil you desire…no worries! Our expert team can help you customize your veil and exceed your expectations! We are excited to see you soon!

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