Vintage-Loving Bridesmaids Will Adore Alfred Sung Dresses

Alfred Sung, style D655: This sleeveless dress features an inset midriff and split seam detailing for a fitted silhouette. Enjoy the convenience of pockets with this Sateen Twill beauty. Enjoy short or full length possibilities. Available in a multitude of colors. Available sizes: 00-30W and 00-30W extra length.

Find Your Vintage Inspiration at NYB&G Columbia

Retro weddings are always a hit. Giving a nod to Old Hollywood glamour or a beloved era from the past will make your special day particularly unique. If you plan to walk down the aisle in a vintage inspired wedding gown and want your bridesmaids to reflect the theme, top designer Alfred Sung has some beautiful dress options for them. We’ve got a wide selection of styles from our other labels you can browse as well. To begin, let’s look at some ways to create vintage flair:


Long-sleeved gowns and floral crowns are lovely throwbacks that look just as gorgeous today.


A lace wedding dress exudes vintage glamour.


Accentuate a fabric flower bouquet with pearls and antique brooches.


Complement a fresh-from-the-garden bouquet with an heirloom brooch. Read more at Bridal Guide 


Alfred Sung, style: D696CP: A modified halter neckline showcases the classic style of this Sateen Twill bridesmaid gown. Perfect for those desiring some extra interest, the dress features a keyhole back. The 1.5″ matching belt beautifully defines the waist. This style is available with a white bodice and white bouquet skirt, or a black bodice with a botanica print. Shown above with the black bodice and polka-dot print. Available sizes 00-30W and 00-30W extra length.

Something Old for Something New

Vintage inspiration is perfect for DIY enthusiasts. The entire bridal party can use heirlooms and older pieces to adorn dresses, accentuate your hairstyles, or decorate the venue. Items such as quilts, lace doilies, brooches and jewelry can be repurposed or used as-is to provide plenty of unique touches. This is a great way to honor the past as you move into your future. Here are more things you can do to evoke the past:

Color Schemes

Off-white is a typical color one thinks of when it comes to vintage because in the past, it was hard to create fabrics with the bleached white we know today. Pair this with similar muted tones like a dusty rose pink or tan to create a classic, relaxing ambiance that is sure to make guests feel like a 1920’s movie star.

Love the idea of the iconic blue and white china pattern, but don’t know where to place it? The latest trend that is becoming popular among brides is the blue and white china pattern for bridesmaid’s dresses while the bride wears all white. This beautiful touch is sure to be remembered, and this pattern is flattering on many shapes and sizes. Read more at Wedding Bee

NYB&G-Columbia-alfred-sung-bridesmaid-dresses-alfred-sung-d597Alfred Sung, style D598: Simultaneously sweet and sassy, this wonderful dress features a feminine bow-tied belt that cinches the waist nicely while wide shoulder straps offer great support. The fabric is 100% polyester so easy travel and total comfort are also in the cards. Available sizes 00-30W and 00-30W extra length.

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Before we close, here’s an interesting take on vintage wedding dresses from Shareen Mitchell, a NYC boutique owner who actually reworks old gowns:

As it turns out, those very dresses [from the 1950s] are the most coveted among vintage buyers. Gowns from the ’30s, if they’ve made it this long, are usually a little too damaged to rework, and 1940s dresses often “look a little bit costumey. They’re really for a bride who might want an extreme or a very dramatic look.” Dresses from the 1960s were mostly slim shifts, with unidentifiable waists. Though Shareen says those dresses don’t have a lot of movement or drama, she often reworks them into mini dresses for brides to wear at the rehearsal dinner or to a brunch.

And then there were the 1970s. “They have Renaissance elements, they’re very ethereal, and they have a maiden-like quality to them. They also often have that high-neck, like Victorian [styles]. These very flowy and very romantic dresses, but a lot of brides today will not go that way. It’s just too much.” And since vintage has to be twenty years old to be considered vintage, that leaves the 80s as the last possible decade, though Shareen says she never bothers to buy them. “They’re so over embellished, and they’re so over-the-top that the rework on them is ridiculous.” Read more at NY Racked

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