Three Types of Wedding Dress Trains You Can Consider


Three Types of Wedding Dress Trains You Can Consider

A wedding dress train is one of the dress details that every bride dreams about. From a grand entrance to a simple one, the train is one piece that is sure to blow your guests’ minds. Which bride doesn’t dream of walking down the aisle with an elegant train following them? Imagine the beautiful pictures of your wedding dress, with the train set on flower beds in that beautiful garden or falling on a set of stairs. What a captivating sight!

Wedding trains come in different styles making the choice even broader. There is certainly something for your taste. Find below some beautiful train types.

Cathedral Train

This train is for a more formal look extending up to seven feet long. It is very dramatic and can get your guests in awe as you walk down the aisle. Like the name suggests it is mostly for the cathedral kind of set up or generally indoors due to the length.

Note: Your bridal team needs to be very handy in helping you with the dress.

Cathedral trains extend around six or seven feet from the waist and give the dress a very formal look. Wedding dresses with this length of train are perfect for formal, traditional ceremonies. It immediately elevates any gown to ball gown status, perfect for a princess out of a fairytale.

Although cathedral trains are stunning and make for a very dramatic look, they’re not ideal for all venues and they also require a lot of attention to ensure that you’re looking your best on your wedding day. The train needs to be kept in place to ensure it adds to, not detracts from, your look. Read more from Wedding KnowHow

This type of train is perfect for a princess look and feel.

Sweep Train


It is also called a brush train. The train simply sweeps the floor without extending too much. It extends to one foot behind the dress. This type is most ideal for mermaid dresses and bohemian styles.

Though this may be the shortest wedding train, it certainly is unforgettable. Also known as the “brush” train, this train reaches out a foot or less from where your skirt hits the floor. Beach and boho brides will love the laid back and casual look of this style, and the stress-free feeling of wearing something light and accessible on their big day. Read more from Val Steffani blog

This train is for a casual look, it is very comfortable and easy to wear.

Royal Train


It is also called the monarch train as it is mostly seen on royal brides and therefore not very common. They extend about 12 feet from the waistline to whatever length you dream of. Princess Diana’s train is the perfect example; her train is famous for being 25 feet long. It is a very dramatic train that will get all people glued looking at you. You, therefore, are the centre of attraction. It is also for a very formal wedding with an indoor set up for easy movement and the bridal team has to be handy to ensure it consistently looks perfect.

It’s no surprise that a long wedding dress train exudes a regal feeling. Princess Diana’s 25-foot train made history as she entered St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Kate Middleton’s gown, while much shorter in length, still turned heads with a nine-foot train. It’s only right that these royals wore royally long gowns, but this awe-inspiring train style isn’t only available to monarchs. Even we townspeople can wear a royal train, which can also be called “monarch.” All you need is a train of at least eight feet, but the longer the better.Read more from Zola

The royal train is for a dramatic and statement look.

At New York Bride and Groom of Columbia, we are at your beck and call. Our bridal consultants are always ready and excited to help you find the perfect dress, with the perfect train. Visit us today and let our experts help you find a breathtaking dress with a stunning train.

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