Three Cute Types of Heels For The Dashing Bride’s Big Day


Three Cute Types of Heels For The Dashing Bride’s Big Day

Nothing speaks confidence better than a good pair of heels. They are sassy, classy and are known to make the body sway in a graceful tempo. They may not be every bride’s cup of tea but some can sip it quite well. However, it is true that some may find it difficult to get a comfortable pair.

The fact is, heels come in different types and heights. Even so, you can get a pair that fits your style and offers you the comfort you need. Here are some beautiful types for a beautiful day like a wedding.

Ankle strap heels

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As their name suggests, these heels have a strap that runs around the ankle. The size of the strap varies and you can choose the one that suits your taste or preference. The bottom line is that they are classy and have the power to make a bride feel very sophisticated.

Alluring as ever, ankle-strap heels are decidedly feminine and particularly chic with cropped jeans and calf-grazing silhouettes. Whether you’re after an iconic shape like Alexandre Birman’s Clarita Bow Sandals, coveting a versatile print such as Isabel Marant’s 50-millimeter Ari Dee Python Heels, or feeling starry-eyed over Bottega Veneta’s buzzy Wraparound Snake-Effect sandals, ankle-strap styles are must-have types of heels for daywear and after-hours looks, alike. Read more from Editorialist

These heels are for a bride who is looking for a sense of stability when walking as they offer great support.



These are definitely not every bride’s go-to shoes as they can be quite high and have no support. To the ladies who have mastered walking in th

ese shoes, they are just a fashion masterpiece. They may have a  closed front or peep toe design.

If you want to make a statement with your footwear, opt for a pair of sky-high Stilettos. While the shape of this heel type is quite similar to pencil heels, the shoe designs that incorporate it differ. Stilettos usually come in closed front or peep-toe pumps. However, one major drawback is that you will need quite a bit of practice before you are able to walk in Stiletto heels with ease. If you happen to trip or fall, you might sprain your ankle since Stiletto shoes seldom have any support. If you are a newbie to high heels, select a design that has a strap in the center of the foot. This will provide additional support and help you maintain balance while walking. Read more from Meesho

If you’re the bride who is going for an attitude with a pair of heels, these may just be what you need.


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The shape of these heels is a wedge as the name implies. They offer comfort because they have the ability to distribute weight evenly. So, you can carefully consider getting such a pair. Moreover, they are available in all kinds of designs and patterns.

Wedges are for girls who want additional height but without the additional pain. If you are someone who refuses to walk around in 6-inch stilettos, then these ultra comfy wedges are perfect for you. They are elevated, but unlike other heels, the weight is equally distributed throughout, making it comfortable to walk. Wedges are the kind of heels every woman should own. They are also great for new moms, who want to look fashionable but find it troublesome to walk in pointed heels. How to Style Them: Since they are comfy, you can wear them basically with everything. They can be your go-to shoes if you want to dress down a bit but also want to have a hint of oomph in your outfit. They also look great with Indie-style maxi dresses . Read more from Firstcry parenting

These heels are for you if you want to look stunning without compromising on comfort.

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