Top Tips For Perfecting Your Boho Wedding Dress Look

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Top Tips For Perfecting Your Boho Wedding Dress Look

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, your wedding is only complete when all the pieces come together. How you look is obviously a crucial aspect, which means your wedding dress plays an enormous role in the success of your big day. If you’re drawn to the boho aesthetic, this means finding the perfect wedding dress to compliment your boho-themed wedding. This post will help you get started.

New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

Many brides consider a boho wedding dress because they want to break away from the traditional wedding gown. If you have the same desire, but need more info to make a good style decision, let’s take a closer look at what “boho” really means. We’ll start with the crucial question: What defines a boho wedding dress?

What makes a dress a Boho dress?

Boho dresses are often very rustic and rural looking, and they lack the simplicity of most modern minimalist wedding dresses. Unlike the tight modern dresses, boho wedding dresses are very loose fitting and free-flowing. You won’t need a corset or a bodice with a boho wedding dress. Boho dresses often use more refined materials such as silk, crotchet designs, laces and silk crepe, and have very intricate designs.

Unlike some modern wedding dress trends where brides experiment with color, Boho wedding dresses are almost strictly white, nude or beige. Most boho wedding dresses have longer sleeves, and you’ll hardly ever find a sleeveless boho dress. In stark contrast to the relatively conservative sleeves, most bohemian-styled wedding dresses have sensual open backs. Read more at Boho Fashion

Boring and boho should never be said in the same sentence. The boho aesthetic gives you plenty of freedom to create a unique wedding theme and look, so go for it!

New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

If you’re going to rock a boho dress, you need to compliment it with a befitting wedding ceremony and reception. The following post has some cool planning ideas to make it happen.

If you plan to fully embrace the Bohemian aesthetic for your wedding, there’s nothing like a natural outdoor setting to celebrate that choice. In a beautiful forest or similar woodland location, your bohemian look is right at home.

Opting for a dress with delicate floral embroidery and asymmetric finishes. This will subtly imitate your surroundings and give a cohesive finish to the entire day. Additionally, bohemian wedding dresses are ideal for a garden ceremony, beach wedding, or even a converted barn venue.

For those with a bohemian soul and unending wanderlust, this style of dress is ideal. Good examples include a destination wedding in the mountains, or lakeside nuptials. A favorite among boho brides is an outdoor wedding with a focus on florals, a quintessential flower crown, or jewelry headpiece to complete the look! Read more at Love and Lavender

You’re sure to create a beautiful and memorable wedding by going outdoors. The breeze and natural environment will make your guests relish every moment of your day.

New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

The only way to float down the aisle in the perfect boho dress is wearing the ideal shoes. Which kind are appropriate for a boho look? Let’s talk about it:

Wear Shoes With White or Ivory Lace

This tip comes from the idea that your boho wedding dress is likely lacey to some degree (although it’s true that they don’t ALL have lace), and so a shoe with lace will go nicely with your dress. The type of lace and style of shoe that’s best will of course depend on your specific dress style, but I really think you can’t go wrong.

NOTE: Make sure that if your dress is off-white, champagne, or ivory in color, that you don’t choose lace white shoes that are whiter than your dress. If you do, you’ll see that they make your dress look dirty in comparison. Strange but true! Read more at Wayfaring Weddings

Go ahead and be as creative as you want on your wedding day. After all, it’s your once-in-a-lifetime event so make the most of every element. As they say, what’s worth doing is definitely worth doing well.

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