Should You Consider A Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress?


Should You Consider A Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress?

Have you been thinking of buying a long-sleeved wedding gown for your big day? Are you looking forward to trying out the various styles that are available? Did you admire your friend who rocked that long-sleeved dress? Well, you too can have this amazing look on your special day. Let’s talk about it — starting with bebunking an idea that some ladies have about sleeves on wedding dresses.

Are Sleeves On a Bridal Gown Old-Fashioned?

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Are you concerned about wearing an outdated wedding day look? Do you have skeptical friends who say long sleeves aren’t a good idea for a modern bride? The following piece addresses these concerns, countering them rather well:

Long sleeved wedding dresses are no doubt seen as the traditional style. But with the likes of royal brides Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle choosing long sleeved wedding dresses for their own nuptials, they’re firmly in modern day brides’ sights.

Timeless and chic, a long sleeved wedding gown offers a pretty and romantic look that is perfect for brides looking to dress more modestly or embrace a touch of sophistication. Long sleeved wedding dresses are also great for brides who aren’t so keen on their arms being on show.

Unbeknown to most, long sleeved wedding gowns have an elongating effect, which is beneficial for brides with shorter statures. Long sleeved wedding dresses come in a wide range of styles, colours and materials, so if you’re set on the long sleeve, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Read more at Clearwell Castle…

As the royals proved, you can be modest while rocking a sophisticated look with a long-sleeved dress. Plus, their stamp of approval means long-sleeved dresses are chic at the moment.

What Are the Benefits of Sleeves?

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What do you stand to gain by choosing a long-sleeved wedding dress? Are there benefits you’ll receive versus other gown styles? Find these answers and more in the Perfect Weddings article excerpted here:

• Intricately designed sleeves draw onlooker’s attention to the upper torso, specifically to the arms, and away from the lower body. Therefore, dresses with long sleeves are a great option for if you’re not very confident with your hips and thighs.

• Square shoulders often look a bit masculine, and wearing a dress with sleeves helps soften the profile for a more feminine look.

• Of course, long sleeves provide full coverage to the arms. So, reserved types of brides or brides with bigger arms may like the coverage that these gowns provide as it will enhance comfort and boost confidence as well. Read more at Perfect Weddings…

Regardless of the season, a sleeved gown can make you look elegant. Moreover, the style options for sleeves are vast. You can find a design that fits every taste and wedding aesthetic. Between your own ideas and the assistance of a good bridal consultant, you can assemble a long-sleeved look that will wow your guests.

What To Consider


If we’ve done our work, you’re may really be into the possibility of wearing sleeves now. Before you race out to snatch up your long-sleeved wedding dress, consider the following factors:

When deciding on whether or not you want sleeves, consider the following factors:

The weather – If it is going to be warm during your wedding, you likely do not want to wear a sleeve made of thick fabric due to the heat. There are dresses with illusion or tulle sleeves which are light and comfortable perfect for such weather.
Embellishments – Do you want embroidery or applique to reach down to your wrists? A long sleeved dress will allow these embellishments, making your dress gorgeous all over.
Time – Sleeves almost always require alteration as they rarely ever fit right the first time. If you’re short for time for your wedding, you may not have sufficient time to have the sleeves altered. In this case, it’s probably best to skip the sleeves. Read more at Wedding Know How…

One final design choice to make with this style is whether you want sleeves that are permanent or detachable. There are reasons to support either option. One that we’ll point out is detachable sleeves allow for a different look at the reception without a clothes change.

To make the most of all these sleeve possibilities, start your wedding dress search at a bridal salon with a great selection. New York Bride & Groom of Columbia is the premier bridal shop in the Midlands. You’ll find dresses from the world’s top wedding gown designers in our showroom. Our peerless team of bridal consultants will ensure that you end up with the wedding gown of your dreams. Visit us today for the ultimate wedding dress shopping experience.

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