Amazing Tips For The Full-Figured Fabulous Bride and Her Bridesmaids

Amazing Tips For The Full-Figured Fabulous Bride and Her Bridesmaids

For a bride, their wedding day is a dream come true. The obvious thing is to want everything to fall in place perfectly. As a plus-size bride, there’s no limit to how fabulous you can look. All you need is to have the right advice. Additionally, you’ll need to hit a jackpot of a bridal salon, where all you are looking for is available. Amazingly, at New York Bride Bride and Groom of Columbia, we have exactly what you need. Here’s some advice on how to land the best dress for yourself and your bridesmaids.

As You Go Wedding Dress Shopping…

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You’ll likely have a mixture of feelings- excitement and anxiety- and that’s normal. Are you at a loss for what to do? Get some guidance here:

Never let the designer dictate the style of the dress. After you try on several styles, you will surely find some that work better on your body type, alongside, you will also feel delighted that there are so many looks you can experiment with and wear. Curvy brides often decide against strapless gowns, but there are many who after trying the style get surprised to find how well an off-shoulder dress fits them, offering the perfect support.

If you have planned to wear special undergarments on your wedding day like Spanx or a corset then make sure to wear it to the wedding dress shop and try on the different styles on it. This is important as a support garment changes the shape of the body to a great extent.

A bride often carries the thought that getting a smaller size wedding dress would motivate them to shed the extra pounds. In reality, it usually turns out to be a stressful affair, and that’s not a better option before the big day. So, help the consultant to take your measurement ideally. Read more at Toni Bridal

You definitely need to have the right company as you go shopping. This could be your mum, sister or best friend. They should know your taste and help you decide on what works best for you.

The Wedding Dress Details…


Just like you wouldn’t just put on any dress on a normal day, your wedding dress needs to be on point. Each detail matters and needs to be put into consideration. Here are some tips as you search for your ultimate dress:

Style is the most important factor to consider when choosing a wedding gown for a plus-size bride or pregnant brides.

− A-line wedding gowns are very flattering on plus-size brides. With an empire waist, an A-line wedding gown provides the perfect silhouette for any plus-size bride…

− Ruched wedding gowns are a great style for any bride-to-be, regardless of height or shape or size. For plus-size brides, ruched gowns, especially ones that are done in a particular style – like patterned asymmetrically on one side of a gown – give the gowns more structure and support, making you look flawlessly elegant.

− Halter necks, cap sleeves, off-shoulder sleeves, and thick straps are great styles to go for if you are a plus-size bride. They provide coverage and better support, while at the same time showing off those lovely assets that you want to put on display, such as your shoulders, back, and cleavage.

− Avoid going for gowns that are made of fabrics that do not transition well together. Read more at Dream Wedding

You can always consult your fashion designer buddy as you combine all these details together. This will see to it that you get the perfect final look.

Tips For Your Bridesmaids…


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What about your bridesmaids? Your full-figured bridesmaids can also look gorgeous. It just requires a bit of choosiness. This will help each of your ladies to have a beautiful glow and make your day all the more beautiful. Here are some tips for your bridesmaids:

1. Choose a Flattering Silhouette
A-line dresses are the go-to gown for plus size bridesmaids. This silhouette flatters every body type, plus it’s comfortable. However, try to avoid a-line gowns with added volume or ruffles. Since a-line dresses are already flowy, they may add unnecessary volume to a plus size bridesmaid’s shape.

2. Opt for V-Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses
You have more options with neckline, but we recommend the classic V-neckline. It is feminine and can actually make your bust look smaller. This is a bonus for many plus size brides, who may have a large bust.

3. Avoid Flashy Patterns
It is recommended that plus size bridesmaids avoid dresses with patterns. Patterns tend to make people look larger, especially stripes and dots. Instead, opt for a solid color. They tend to be more flattering – plus, solid color bridesmaid dresses are very much in style. Read more at Kennedy Blue

Your girls will also be happy to get these tips. Moreover, they can add value to these ideas from their experience.

At New York Bride & Groom of Columbia, we have a special collection of plus-size wedding gowns just for you. We are passionate about making your day unique. That means we also take care of your bridesmaids. What more would a bride ask for? Come to our bridal salon and we promise you will be blown away. You’ll get much more than you ever dreamed of.