Don’t Stress About Wedding Trends; Create Your Day!


Don’t Stress About Wedding Trends; Create Your Day!

Every woman wants her wedding to be unique and memorable — one that she and her guests will think back on and feel fondly nostalgic about. As you make every effort to achieve this for your special day, be sure to prioritize your own needs. Avoid falling into the trap of pleasing everyone at your expense. That said, a stunning wedding with amazing photos is worth the effort…just keep things in perspective. If creating an unforgettable wedding has been your preoccupation the past couple of weeks or months, then this post is for you.

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When it comes to making use of trends for your planning, there are some you should avoid. They include past trends that were spectacular at some point, but have since lost their glamour.

Jumbled Tables

Tables are among the necessities of the wedding; you need to let your guests mingle over food freely and have some delicious meals. That is not the outdated trend though, but having tables that are jumbled and cluttered with flowers, centerpieces, and candles are not a great idea. It makes things harder for your guests when it comes to reaching their food. It is always better to keep things practical and to the point; candles and flowers may make your tables look nice, but they won’t be in their best shape with a lot of castoffs and secondhand goods all over. Since you want your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, make sure you leave enough room for them. They won’t be so happy when they are concerned all the time that they may knock something over and break it.  Simplicity is the key; keep the foods and drinks accessible and manage the number of accessories and fixtures that you place on the table. Read more at Pouted…

While it is true that trends are subject to whims and taste, there are some that are simply illogical. Remember, an unforgettable wedding is one where your guests thoroughly enjoy themselves while celebrating you and your new husband.

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Some wedding trends are timeless, so you can never go wrong with them. These have a touch of both creativity and efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

Thinking about the environmental impact your wedding can have is one main reason couples decide to plan an eco-friendly wedding. The good news is that so many wedding companies, venues, and vendors are offering more eco-friendly wedding options than ever before. From farm to table food options to recycled paper invitations you will not find a shortage of options when planning your eco-friendly wedding.

Most everyone has some sort of understanding of the environmental impact we as humans have on our planet so it seems only natural that when planning a large scale event we would consider some of the impacts of that event. Read more at Wedding Forward…

What better way to create a trendy wedding than to have nature celebrating with you? Plus, you can take advantage of the additional incentives offered by service vendors.

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Instead of trying to follow every trend, an innovative way to have a one-of-a-kind wedding is to capitalize on one unique feature of your event. For example, play up the weather conditions you are anticipating.

Stand Out Wedding Tip #1:   Plan for The Weather

For many couples, the experience that guests have at the wedding is extremely important.    You want your guests to have a great time at your wedding.   And you want them to be happy and comfortable all throughout the day.   So be sure to account for the weather when planning out your wedding day.   Make your wedding stand out by having a plan in place for keeping your guests happy and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions on the wedding day. Read more at A Daydream Wedding…

Whatever you do, just make sure you enjoy your day.

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