Ensure You Get Comfortable Wedding Shoes For Your Big Day

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Ensure You Get Comfortable Wedding Shoes For Your Big Day

Wedding attire is not complete for a bride without wedding shoes. Some beauty on your feet can change an entire look. The truth is, not every bride is fascinated with heels as this is not an everyday shoe for them. So, this may be very uncomfortable to wear for a whole day.

But do not get discouraged that heels aren’t for you; there are other types of shoes that are still classy and very comfortable. Here are some interesting options:


New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

These shoes come in different types with a very small heel. So, they are very comfortable to even dance the night away on your wedding day. Mules can easily be put on or off at whatever time of the day making them a very comfortable pair to choose.

After wedding sandals, mules are quite often purchased as bridal footwear. Mules come in a variety of designs and heels. They are very easy to put on and carry at the wedding. You can easily put off this footwear during your phera ceremony or on any other occasion. We got to speak to many brides who preferred mules over other bridal footwear, and upon asking, all of them said the same thing that mules are one of the most comfortable shoes to wear at the wedding. They say you can be completely YOU even at your wedding. Read more from Happy Wedding

Mules can be rocked with almost every length of a wedding dress from a flowing dress to one that is of ankle length.


New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

With the right fit and design, ballerinas could be heavenly for any bride who wants to be free and comfortable on her big day. They are extremely reliable as they can be worn in any venue. Another plus is they remind us of fairy tale stories like Cinderella and the like.

Ballet flats are functional, comfortable, and reliable. This has always been the case since its earlier existence for ballet performers. Iconic beauties such as Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn later popularised ballet flats in the 50’s and 60’s which have since become a timeless pair that every woman has (or should have) in her wardrobe.

An elegant pair of white or champagne-colored ballet flats is an impeccable choice for the laid-back bride. These flats have an effortless appeal that will tie together a chic, romantic ensemble perhaps in lace or tulle, and will work well in any outdoor setting.

Regardless to say, worrying about blisters or stumbling on your dress will be the least of your worries with these trusty pairs on! Read more from Wedding KnowHow

Ballerinas can be worn with a beautiful ball gown or a flowing gown.


New York Bride & Groom of Columbia

You may be wondering what sneakers are doing on the list of wedding shoes. Well, there is so much about these pairs. For a bride who wants to bring in their everyday style to their wedding then sneakers may just be for you.

Sneakers are one of the most popular options on this list. Not only are they super comfortable, but it’s also pretty easy to find (or DIY) a wedding-worthy pair. While you may be tempted to grab your Vans from your closet and call it a day, we suggest investing in a fresh new pair for your big day (don’t worry, unless your buying Yeezys these won’t eat up a ton of your budget). Sparkly Converse, sleek white high tops and neon kicks are all popular options. Read more from Weddingwire.ac

They are very comfortable and can be customized to make them as fancy as possible for a wedding day.

At New York Bride and Groom of Colombia, we have a team of experts who are forever ready to offer their expertise on anything about your wedding day. Visit our salon at whatever time and let us help you get your fantasy wedding dress. We have dresses in all sizes from the smallest to plus size. Visit us today!

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