A Bridal Headpiece Will Look Lovely On Your Big Day


A Bridal Headpiece Will Look Lovely On Your Big Day

You’ve probably been dreaming about your wedding look since you were a young girl. Even so, you may still have some accessorizing details that you haven’t reached a verdict on yet. One of them may be the bridal headpiece. Would a headpiece be a good fit for the wedding gown you’ve chosen? Perhaps that headpiece you always imagined you’d wear is out of fashion now. If you don’t know what will work best for you, this post will help you consider your options and make a great choice. Let’s start with a little compare-contrast info:

Wedding Tiara vs. Veil

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Just like all the fairy tale princesses, you might think a tiara is critical for your ideal look. However, what if you also fancy wearing a veil with your ensemble? Can you do both of them? This post has some helpful insights:

There are no fixed rules, this is your day and you should do it your way. For me the decision should be guided by two main factors

a) By the ceremony venue, in a religious setting (particularly a higher or larger church) then veils are generally a must for that part of the day, even if whipped off quickly afterwards.

b) By the dress, if the dress is hugely detailed and elaborate you may not want to cover it up or if the dress is heavily textured with floral appliques it won’t sit smoothly. If the dress has a high neck and sleeves, it could just leave you too swaddled and fighting for breathing space. Read more at By Harriet…

Every bride has the liberty to choose the wedding accessories she likes. They just need to be incorporated in a harmonious way with the rest of the wedding attire.

Bridal Headpiece vs. Veil Comb


If your dream wedding style includes a headpiece and a veil comb, you’ll need to choose them wisely. They must complement each other and not compete for attention. Read more below:

When choosing your bridal comb, consider its proportion relative to your veil comb. You’ll be positioning them next to each other so size is important. The body of your bridal headpiece should be wider (longer) than the width of your veil comb. So if your veil’s comb is 3 inches long, your headpiece needs to be at least 4-5 inches long.

Extra wide veil comb? A veil comb that’s 4-4.5 inches or wider is best styled with a longer and narrow comb. Delicate hair pins will appear disproportionate and too busy in the hair.
Plastic veil comb? Consider the thickness of the veil comb itself, particularly ones that are attached to thick plastic combs with a lot of tulle wrapping. These veils are hard to work with because they appear heavy and chunky in the hair. We avoid plastic combs across our collections and we only use fine metal hair combs as they’re stronger, sturdy, flexible and lightweight. Read more at Tania Maras…

You need to account for the fact that you may not want to wear your veil all day. The headpiece you choose needs to be of sufficient quality to stand on its own.

Bridal Hair Chains


An increasingly popular kind of headpiece is hair chains. They are a great option if you’re looking for something cool and stylish. Learn more about them:

With so many styles available, bridal hair chains work beautifully with different bridal styles like the city glam bride to boho bride. Hair chains are versatile in the way that they can be worn across your forehead or in the back of your head. Depending on how you wear your hair style, you can change the look drastically.

Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Camila Alves and Kim Kardashian sported chains across their forehead with their hair tightly pulled back. We absolutely fell in love with the way Fergie chose to accent her wavy curls with a crown of chains in the back. She looked like a modern day fairy tale princess! Read more at Love and Lavender…

There are many kinds of headpieces to choose from, which is why it’s best to shop at New York Bride & Groom of Columbia. Our expert bridal consultants will ensure that you make the perfect wedding accessory and attire choices.

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