Worthwhile Bohemian Attire Ideas For The Bride and Groom

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Worthwhile Bohemian Attire Ideas For The Bride and Groom

In a world where everything seems to be changing, the fashion industry is changing as well. Bohemian weddings are now making headlines. Perhaps it is the way Boho themes allow couples to connect with nature that appeals to many. Or maybe, Boho weddings allow people to express their personalities in the most authentic ways. Regardless of the reason, if you’re thinking of a Boho wedding, here are some ideas to consider.

A Chilly Boho Wedding

There are lots of boho wedding gown designs you can choose from. It could be a dress with a halter neck or bare back. It could also be long-sleeved, floral or embroidered. The list is endless. Since boho and nature go together, here are some ideas for the colder months.

If you are a winter boho bride, you can rock a boho lace or crochet wedding dress, try a separate of a skirt wiht a slit and a sweater plus booties and a hat. Accessories will easily make your look boho-like: hats. booties, folksy and tribal print coverups, crochet cardigans and flower crowns. If you are a groom, you might want to create a cozy layered look in boho style, with a mismatching blazer and pants, waistcoat or a cardigan, a hat and comfy boots. Bridesmaids may wear velvet dresses to look bold and feel comfy, and groomsmen can try something layered, too. Boho chic style is about feeling comfy and cozy, which is exactly what you need for winter, so you will easily create a chic look that is cozy. Read more at Weddingomania

For the Groom

Generally, boho wedding gowns are in abundant supply- at the right bridal salons. How about grooms’ attire? It may not be that common, but you definitely can’t get lost.

If you are planning a themed wedding, you must pay attention to your groom attire! His suit should represent the style and features of your celebration. Nowadays bohemian weddings are one of the most trendy wedding style. There are many variants of what kind of attire can be. It can be blue suits, casual, with vest or suspenders, with boutonnieres or bow ties.

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A True Story

Boho weddings are the perfect choice for couples who feel like no style feels right. In some cases, the wish is that there was a way of combining everything together. Well, you won’t be the first to do something out of the ordinary. Get some inspiration from the following story:

And the Groom Wore a Pink Floral Suit

We need a moment. SO rad!! We had to ask about Larry’s look and here’s what Sara told us:

Larry is not one for traditional men’s fashion, so it took him some time to find something he liked. The idea around the suit was to display his love of muted florals, high collars, and puffy cravats. The suit is from ASOS and he paired it with a vest from another suit. To get that “high collar” look, the shirt came from a steampunk/historical cosplay shop and the cravat came from Etsy. Read more at Green Wedding Shoes

This just goes to show you that your wedding isn’t about anyone else. It’s primarily about you- the bride and groom. So, go have all the fun you want. Consider all the crazy ideas that have ever crossed your mind. There are no rules and nothing is cast on stone.

At New York Bride & Co. of Columbia, we have what it takes to ensure you get the boho wedding look you have always dreamt of. Walk in to our salon together and have the time of your life looking over the available options. We look forward to seeing you!

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