How To Select The Best Plus-Size Wedding Gown In Town


How To Select The Best Plus-Size Wedding Gown In Town

For far too many decades, the world of fashion wasn’t welcoming to plus-size women. Even now, more needs to be done to help full-figured women dress their best. So, the anxiety you may be feeling about choosing a wedding dress isn’t unfounded. The good news is that designers’ attitudes and collections are getting better all the time. In fact, it’s possible today to find a gown that’s even better than you hoped for. This post will give you ideas on how to select the perfect plus-size gown.

The Big Picture

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Before you step out to shop for your wedding dress, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. They act as a guideline on what to look for and what to avoid. That way, you can look into your options with a reference point in mind.

There are a couple of things to consider when shopping for a wedding dress for a plus size bride. Find a silhouette that enhances your best assets. Whether you need a sweetheart neckline that fits your bust, or a mermaid gown that shows-off your hourglass figure, we’ve got you covered. If you would like to go for a more traditional look, you can choose a classic A-line gown with a lace overlay. Maybe you are thinking about a fit and flare style dress or a corset bodice that provides support in all the right places? Read more at Madame Bridal

As a plus-size bride, you may feel worse about your looks. However, you need to remember that there are aspects of your figure that are unique. You can capitalize on flattering them with your wedding gown.

The Fabric

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One way to flatter your figure is by choosing the right wedding gown fabric. Interestingly, not all types of fabric are appropriate for your body shape. With the right advice you can get the perfect one.

If you’re a plus-size bride, it’s important to choose a material that flatters your body. Fabrics that are easily ruched (ribbed, creased, folded, pleated or laced) such as silk dupioni, satin and taffeta, look great on fuller frames because they conceal imperfections and disguise heavier areas. Stay away from beaded materials and appliquéd details as they’ll most likely end up enhancing those spots you’d prefer eyes to avoid. Read more at How Stuff Works

A dashing wedding gown will likely be one made of fabric that is similar to your favorite dresses. So, you don’t need to think too hard about this.

The Right Shop

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This may seem obvious but some brides forget to put it into consideration. You’ll need to visit a bridal shop that has a specific commitment to stocking wedding gowns for a plus-size bride. This way, you’ll save your time and avoid unnecessary disappointments.

The shop you go to, and the company you bring with you, is going to make or break the experience. I went to five separate shops, a couple of them more than once. Every one was a different experience, with some better than others. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Just because you have bad experience at one place, doesn’t mean every dress will make you look like crap. Likewise, if the shop isn’t treating you well, don’t be afraid to speak with a manager or end the appointment. Read more at Offbeat Bride

You can check out the bridal salons in your area to find out if they have a selection of plus-size gowns. Then you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you need. Plus, you can be sure the bridal consultants there will be better placed to advise you.

The good news is that at New York Bride and Groom of Columbia, we have a dedicated section for plus-size wedding gowns. We know each bride is special and deserves to look her best on her wedding day. So, visit our shop today and you’ll be amazed at what we have for you. Our greatest joy will be to see you smiling, having found the dress you always wanted. Visit us today!

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